Frequently Asked Questions

Install CellPicClub Mobile Application from Google PlayStore OR Apple App Store.

Simply Click on START HERE button and provided desired information.

You have to upload one image to create an account.

After Login Click on the "+" symbol on top right corner to upload image.

Providing an image name and tags for example Marriage, Friends Group, Bus, etc. would give more value to your images and more possibilities to listed in desired buyers search results.

You can set you Image price from Rs. 50 to Rs. 500. This is a restricted price range and you can't set a rate more than Rs. 500 or less than 50

Yes, multiple users can buy your images and there are no cap limit for buyers for an image.

Take away image is a feature if any buyer wants to buy image for lifetime with complete rights, they will contact you through the CellPic.Club and you can negotiate price with the buyer.

If your images sold, the amount would be transferred to your bank account available in the CellPicClub account. You can change the bank account details if you want. The earned amount will be transferred every month 5th to your bank.

Click on Bank Icon on the Application and provide information. You can only provide maximum of one bank account at a time. If you want to change your bank details, please click on edit icon and change it before end of each month as the earned money initiated every month 5th changed done in the period on 1st - 5th may not reflect in transfer and the money may go to earlier bank account. CellPicClub will not be responsible for this.

There are possibilities that the original owner take a copyright legal charge on you. CellPicClub is not responsible for any kind of legal charges, as the owner of the image you will be charged for all legal and copyright disputes.

You can close your account at any time. Please write to CellPicClub to close the account. At the closing account with CellPicClub all images will be removed from the system and you will not be able to access them later. The balance earnings in the account will be transferred to your bank before closing the account.

No, CellPicClub will not directly charge you for using account. If any images sold on your account CellPicClub will take 25% of the commission on transaction amount. The balance of you earnings will be transfered to your bank as per the account records.

CellPicClub will not assure on usage of your images, your images can be used in any pattern but the buyers and CellPicClub do not have any control on that. It is recommendable to double check your and your firends privacy before upload the images to CellPicClub